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Best Granules Manufacturer in India

Granules India is a major manufacturer and supplier of the Best Granules in India. Our clients particularly value the Granules offered by the Company due to their superior quality. Our company manufacture the Granules in compliance with the International quality standards.

We are on a mission to provide quality products & extraordinary service to our customers. We use advance process & technology to ensure that our Granules meets the highest quality standards.

We understand & deal in LD Granules, PP Granules, HDPE Granules, PVC Dana & bring you the best quality Granules in India. Maintaining transparency in our work, achieving client happiness, and focusing on quality-oriented products have helped the company earn the trust of people all over the world.

We also exports our products to the United Arab Emirates, Australia & Spain. If you are looking for a dependable & trustworthy Granules Manufacturer in India, We are here to help you.

Best Granules Manufacturer in India

The Ultimate Solution for Your every Plastic needs


Broad range of attributes can be tailored to meet application needs.


Compatible with a wide variety of polymers and resins.

Cost savings

Minimize formulation costs while enhancing end-product performance.

Enhanced recycling

Boost performance of recycled PP and PE content.

Our Dedication to Quality Assurance for Superior Granules in the India

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We are leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter of reprocessed LDPE Granules, LLDPE Granules, LDPP Granules,
HDPE Granules & PP Granules in India.
LD Granules
HD Granules
PP Granules
ABS Granules
Raffia Granules
PE Granules


Your search for a Best Quality Plastic Granules ends at Granules India. We are leading Granules Manufacturer & Trader in India & offer a wide of  LD Granules, HD Granules, PP Granules, ABS Granules, Raffia Granules & PE Granules.

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Manufacturer’s high end manufacturing services are a
perfect complement to today’s high tech industries.

Higher Quality

Improved Monitoring

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India’s Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of LD Granules, PP Granules, HD Granules, ABS Granules & PE Granules.

Higher Quality

Improved Monitoring

Lower Cost

Fast Implementation

Greater Efficiency

Better Safety

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Complete Technology Partner
Backed By 100% Customer References
Fast, Scalable, & Reliable
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We are a well known manufacturer of Granules in India

We cater plastic solution for Blow film, Multilayer, Extrusion, woven sacks, Non woven, HDPE/LDPE Pipes and Cables, Blow & Injection Molding & other various type of plastic processing.